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Cristales para maquinaria
Cristales para maquinaria

The biggest glass specialist in machinery

Revei 2000 is one of . And this is because we have the largest selection of glass machinery windscreens, and keep a huge permanent stock with thousands of references. And also because we are suppliers of the mosthe most important Spanish distributors of glass for public works, construction and agricultural machineryt leading brands and manufacturers of glass for heavy machinery.

In our online catalog of spare parts you can find the glass or windscreen you need from any major brand (both flat and curved glasses, and for both old machinery and latest models) or request a quote. If you can not find it, do not hesitate to contact us so that our commercial team can check out if the reference is actually in stock and ready for immediate shipment, or if is needed, we can make the necessary arrangements with the manufacturer to be able to supply it in the shortest time possible.

Shipments of glass for machinery within 24 hours

Due to our years of experience in the industry of machinery spare parts, we are fully aware of the importance of broken glasses in your machine. And that is why we have a large permanent stock of machinery glass and windscreens of all major brands and carry out daily shipments throughout Spain, Portugal, France and Italy (previous meticulous packaging to avoid breakage of goods). The objective is none other than making sure the spare parts are delivered within 24 hours (maximum 48 hours).

Did you know that…?
An insurance policy covers all our shipments of machinery glasses, which are packed in wood and transported by specialized agencies in glass handling. We also include, if you wish, paid freight to your facilities.

On the other hand, we also have an exclusive service for assembly and replacement of machinery windscreens available in Valencia area.

Glass for machinery of all major brands

You just need to specify the brand, model and glass that are looking for and we will be at your disposal to assist you as quickly as possible and get you the desired piece. Otherwise, send us the information about your machinery fleet and we guarantee that we will have available all the necessary parts and glass for cover your needs.

Other machinery spare parts

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