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Gasket sets and HERCULES EUROPE cylinder repair kits

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In recent years we have become, through much effort and work, one of the best specialists and largest distributors in Spain of gasket sets and cylinder repair kits. Nowadays, when professionals look for a gasket set for the repair of their machinery, they look for a wide range of brands and a great selection of products. But not only that, also competitive prices and a good technical advice service. Well, that is what we try to offer in Revei 2000.

We are the leading independent distributor of the largest joint kits manufacturers in Europe. Our gasket kits are suitable for all heavy equipment, including industrial applications. We serve to all Europe.

Large stock in seals kits

We would like to remind you of our large stock of discontinued components and gasket sets for the repair of cylinders of old machines, allowing you to avoid any modification that you should have to make in your machine for the assembling of the current kits.

In the same way, we provide joints and seals for a wide variety of applications, such as garbage collection, construction (both on and off road), material handling (forklift trucks), marine applications, agriculture, logging and several industrial plants applications.

Gasket set brands

We distribute seals kits for the following machinery manufacturers:

You can find any piece and component in our online catalog of spare parts for public works, construction and agricultural machinery.

We would also like to recommend you to be informed about:

24-hour delivery time

Revei 2000’s main objective is to minimize inactivity and waiting time by offering most products in stock or with a 24 hours delivery time service. In addition, our range of seals kits (metrics, inches and imperials) are top quality and produced by the world’s leading manufacturers.

We are a growing company in the machinery repair market and are specialized in spare parts kits for the most important cylinder manufacturers. We also have the largest single source catalog of individual joints, spare parts and technical information for the machinery market.

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